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2021 Promises Already Broken

So 2020 is done and now it is time to face 2021. As usually, I started this year by making promises about doing more exercise, reading more, educating myself more, being more spontaneous, making more goals and doing more bunch of other things. Then I remembered that 2020 taught me to slow down and how good that felt. I am not gonna stop improving myself, but I am also not gonna exhaust myself by doing too much and miss out on things, because I am too busy trying to be a better version of myself. That I try to promise.

This year started with an inspiring mentoring session about my business and being a pattern designer. Mentoring was provided by NewCo Helsinki and I got loads of great ideas, inspiration and tips about my doing. Also got some good feedback about my progress so far and that felt extremely good. Not a bad start for 2021.

One of the first exciting things happening this year is, that in spring I will publish my next pattern collection. It is called Sensing Serene and it is all about water elements, colors blending, flowers floating and your senses being intrigued. So stay tuned.

This time I am making an introduction video for the collection and I can't wait to share it! It will involve an interesting collaboration with a composer, so your sight AND hearing senses will be pampered.

Here is some sneak peek still pictures of the video to come.

I guess my overall feelings for 2021 is curious and excited. Let's hope this year to be a bit gentler to everyone.


Dea Maria Anastasia


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