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Colours of 7 AM

As a designer I tend to pay attention to colors almost anywhere I go. I am constantly looking for new colors and eye-catching combinations, which I can then use in my own designs. When I spot interesting colors, beautiful shadows or intriguing reflections of light, I take a picture. My phone is full of random pictures, which I consider as colour notes.

What I love doing with these pictures, is making colour charts. Meaning I pick out the most interesting shades and make a sort of a collection of colors. I do this sometimes even on instagram story, when I am feeling bored or just waiting for the bus.

Here are few pictures, which I took last week at home. I woke up at 7 am to have an early start for my day and was amazed by how beautiful the morning sun was. Clearly I am a late sleeper, since I was so impressed by the sun rise....

My absolute favourite is the first picture. The bright orange, picked from the tape on my window, makes this colour palette perfect for autumn. Which one is your fav?


Dea Maria Anastasia


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