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Drawing With Yarns

I love drawing, textiles and crafts. One of the nicest ways to combine them is embroidery. This week I made some embroidering, for which I used my own drawing as a model.

I enjoyed doing this so much, that some days I spent hours working on it and had difficulties on putting it away. To me this was like drawing with yarns.

The sketch, which I used here as a model, served only as a starting point and as inspiration. Meaning that I wasn't following it very strictly. It gave some light guidance to my stitching, but in the end this was a very free flow type of creation. I used only the materials and colors, which to me felt most attractive and inspiring in that moment.

It might be that I'm a bit of a hoarder when it comes to pearls and yarns and I often buy them, when I'm travelling. From my crafts box you can find pearls and yarns from Malaysia, Russia, Germany, Netherlands, France, Poland...

I'm so excited about doing embroidery after a long pause, that I need to come up with a new project after already finishing this one! Maybe next I'm going to do some embroidery on my old jeans.

Do you have any cool embroidery ideas?


Dea Maria Anastasia


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