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Rag rug sweater

I have two big boxes full of leftover yarns from different projects over the years. Most of them are from making the rya rugs...but I also constantly find beautiful must have yarns at flea markets.

From time to time I get excited about knitting. I make only small pieces, like socks and beanies, since I'm not patient enough for a sweater. I've started knitting few sweaters, but never finished them. Few weeks ago I made myself the nicest blue beanie and got so excited about knitting, that I decided to try again knitting a sweater. I felt that it was more relaxed to start knitting it with the leftover yarns, instead of buying new ones. Then if I don't finish the sweater, I won't feel bad about buying a stack of new yarns. Look at me being so sure, that I won't make it! Already planning how to unsucceed with the softest hit.

Sweater is already looking very promising though. I have finished the front and back pieces and now I'm making the sleeves. I really like this rag rug style, which comes from mixing all the different leftover yarns. So that the sweater would not look too restless, I'll make the sleeves and neckband from all the beige yarns that I've got.

Most satisfying thing about this project is, that my leftover yarns will be down to 1,5 boxes after this is done!


Dea Maria Anastasia


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