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Like a floating garden

I published a new surface pattern collection called Sensing Serene. I dare to say that this one is so far my absolute favourite.

My goal was to create a collection, which communicates a soft and peaceful mood. Something like this:

You know the feeling, when you are floating in a lake on your back, your ears are under water and you are staring at the sky. You feel weightless, like floating in space and all the noise disappears. First you breath few times real quick, but then you relax, when you notice that you are not sinking. The water carries you and drifts you away a bit.

This collection is loaded with floral motifs and if I had to describe the collection, I'd say that it is like

a floating garden, travelling in a pool of rain water.


With a Dutch composer, Jesse Heslinga we decided to create an audiovisual piece, which introduces the mood of the collection. Jesse was the creator of music and I produced and directed the movie. This is what we came up with:

I had a lot of fun creating this and I want to share with you some behind the scenes footage.

Most of the parts were filmed on our dining table. As props I used a plastic box filled with milk and water, flowers, ink and some white plastic mesh, where I had bought my garlics.

One of the scenes was made with snow: I had two jars filled with coloured warm water, that I poured into a pile of snow.

Making this video project was so much fun for both of us, that we are planning on making more of these in the future. What do you think, yay or nay?


Dea Maria Anastasia

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