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30 min Sketching Routine

This spring when I was finishing my thesis, my days were pretty much all about sitting in front of the computer. Exhausting. I decided that I needed a relaxing morning routine. Something which would start my days in a bit more gentler way and give a mental spark to my brain before going to work mode.

I made my self a habit of drawing every morning. At least for 30 min. No assignment, no particular goal. Just doodling something while waking up with the first morning coffee. It turned out to be a success. I drew almost every morning for few months and in the end I had a stack of nice sketches and ideas, which I could later keep working on.

I forgot this habit during the summer and now I am getting back to it. Though lately my 30 min sketching sessions have tended to last three hours and four cups of coffee. it has its pros and cons.

Last week I spotted these gorgeous flowers in the supermarket and was impressed by their colors. Without even noticing I ended up sketching them almost every morning during one week.

Really different styles and approaches, all inspired by the same bouquet of flowers. This could also work as an intended sketching exercise: Choose a model to draw and try to figure out several different ways to sketch/depict it.

When I draw, I often use several different mediums. For example in these sketches I have used watercolours, crayons, ink, marker pens and a pencil. So that is also an efficient way to mix up your way of sketching and create a wider range of styles.

My favourite is definitely the one on the top row and right. I love the blue background! What is your favourite?


Dea Maria Anastasia


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