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Unofficial Sketchbook

A month ago I found this sweet pink notebook from Tempera Lauttasaari. I did not know what to do with it but its sweet cotton candy coloured covers forced me to buy it. In the end I made it my unofficial sketchbook. It is a sketchbook where I draw without any particular assignment in my mind. When I want to draw and doodle for fun, I take my cotton candy dream out of the shelf and start aimlessly filling up the pages. The colour is so delicious, that I almost taste the sweet pink cotton candy.

Lately I´ve been obsessed with collages and crayons. Just like any ordinary 5-year-old.

When I moved to Amsterdam and my parents brought me my last suitcase on their visit, they were amused by the childish content of my bag: stack of old coloured papers for my collages (as if you can get them only in Finland), paint brushes, a metallic candy jar full of 20 years old crayons, hundreds of pearls and sequins for embroidering and my favourite kimono. Yup, that stuff is useful for adulting in a new city!


Dea Maria Anastasia


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